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and transform your yard into a backyard bird habitat with bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, and finch feeders.  For the winter bird or the summer bird the use of recycled plastic bird feeders or any bird feeders will attract bird wildlife to your backyard bird habitat.   Birds at a garden bird feeder always add color and life no matter the season.

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24 in Nyjer Seed Feeder w/removable Base24 in Nyjer Seed Feeder w/removable Base
24 in Tube Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder w/removable Base24 in Tube Sunflower/Mixed Seed Feeder w/removable Base
30 in. Exec Tubular Feeder30 in. Exec Tubular Feeder
All Weather Feeder - 4 QtAll Weather Feeder - 4 Qt
All Weather Feeder - 6 QtAll Weather Feeder - 6 Qt
Audubon Oriole FeederAudubon Oriole Feeder
Bat House-DriftwoodBat House-Driftwood
Bat House-GreenBat House-Green
Bird Feeder KitBird Feeder Kit
Bird House KitBird House Kit
Bluebird FeederBluebird Feeder
Brushed Copper Mega Tube FeederBrushed Copper Mega Tube Feeder
Caged 6 Port Seed Tube FeederCaged 6 Port Seed Tube Feeder
Caged Tube FeederCaged Tube Feeder
Champion Squirrel-Blocker Platform FeederChampion Squirrel-Blocker Platform Feeder
Copper Lantern FeederCopper Lantern Feeder
Copper Triple Tube FeederCopper Triple Tube Feeder
Etched Hummingbird Lantern - AmethystEtched Hummingbird Lantern - Amethyst
Etched Hummingbird Lantern - RubyEtched Hummingbird Lantern - Ruby
Fruit & Jelly Feeder - Hunter/DriftwoodFruit & Jelly Feeder - Hunter/Driftwood
Fruit & Jelly Feeder w/Dish-GreenFruit & Jelly Feeder w/Dish-Green
Fruit Feeder-Hunter GreenFruit Feeder-Hunter Green
Ground Platform FeederGround Platform Feeder
Ground Platform/Large Hanging Platform Feeder RoofGround Platform/Large Hanging Platform Feeder Roof
Hanging Platform FeederHanging Platform Feeder
Hopper Feeder 4 qt -  Hunter Green/DriftwoodHopper Feeder 4 qt - Hunter Green/Driftwood
Hopper Feeder 4 qt-Hunter GreenHopper Feeder 4 qt-Hunter Green
Hopper Feeder-GreenHopper Feeder-Green
Hopper Feeder-Hunter/DriftwoodHopper Feeder-Hunter/Driftwood
Large Double Hopper-Hunter/DriftwoodLarge Double Hopper-Hunter/Driftwood
Large Hanging Platform FeederLarge Hanging Platform Feeder
Large Hopper FeederLarge Hopper Feeder
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Don’t worry if you are the beginning enthusiast we will help you determine which garden bird feeder you need to attract the most birds native to your area, our goal is to help you turn your yard or garden into a colorful, active bird habitat. gives you access to bird items to fit every style at every price. 

We sell only the highest quality garden bird feeders including; platform bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, and squirrel proof bird feeders to keep both you and your feathered friends happy.  With proper care good bird feeders will provide many years of useful service. 

Be it large or small anyone can create a bird habitat simply by adding any of the types of garden bird feeders.   Establishing your own private bird habitat is rewarding for all ages, and even a simple window bird feeder will create many hours of enjoyment and memories for you and your family. is a family owned and operated business.  We know a family activity like watching bird wildlife at your own garden bird feeders creates strong ties and lasting memories.  Because of this we conduct our business with the high values of integrity, respect, hard work, and service. We believe these principles set us apart from many other businesses. is committed to:

• Helping our customers and visitors with their questions.
• Supplying quality products at excellent prices.
• Working hard to fulfill orders so they arrive quickly to our customers.

Don't wait!  Start shopping today for your next garden bird feeder!