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Hopper Feeders attract a variety of birds

The versatility of hopper bird feeders is what makes them great for the beginning birder.  The hopper or bin holds a large quantity of seed which is dispensed as the birds feed.  It is easy to clean and maintain.  The hopper feeder is a good all a round bird feeder for which ever North American bird you would like to attract to your backyard habitat.  No matter which style you choose hopper bird feeders will add a decorative touch to your backyard North American bird habitat.

Hopper bird feeders can be mounted on a pole, suspended, or if you have a large enough feeding area the bird feeder can be placed on the ground.   The hopper feeder is ideal for holding a variety of seeds from mixed wild bird seed to black oil sunflower seeds.  Using different seeds will attract the widest variety of birds to your North American bird habitat.  These different options will help you maximize your enjoyment of the birds, since the various heights and seeds will attract the most variety of North American bird.
The biggest advantage of the hopper feeder is that it not only protects the food from the weather, it will also keep the birds flying into your back yard bird habitat.