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Easy bird viewing of the Hummingbird with our garden bird feeders.

Attracting hummingbirds and orioles to your back yard bird habitat is easy with the right garden bird feeders. 

Our hummingbird feeders are top quality to help you create a hummingbird habitat to lure birds up close for better viewing.  These are not your typical garden store hummingbird feeders, each is a work of art on its own.  The addition of one, or two, or three! will enhance the beauty of your yard or garden.

Hummingbirds depend on the sugar rich nectar for up to 90 percent of their diet; the rest is made up of insects and pollen that provide essential protein.   Flowers, insects, and water are the three key ingredients to creating the hummingbird environment.   Once a hummingbird starts visiting your garden, it will likely stay throughout the season and return the following year, almost as if it is your own hummingbird pet.  

For a Free Hummingbird Recipe see our Resource Center.

Although orioles may also sip from the hummingbird feeders, providing a specialized oriole feeder allows them better access to the nectar.  These special garden bird feeders are designed to hold fruits and jelly. You can also remove the bee guards from a hummingbird feeder so that the orioles can insert their beaks and reach nectar.