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Oriole Feeders

Attracting orioles to your backyard bird habitat is easy. Whether you use the specially made nectar oriole feeders, or oriole bird feeders for offering fruits and jellies, remember a water source is the most essential element for any backyard bird habitat.  Orioles are timid but they are attracted to the color orange.  Start by placing your feeders away from human activity and be sure to use fresh orange halves with your oriole feeder.   Another favorite of the oriole is grape jelly.  

Orioles mainly eat insects so you can’t attract them with a seed feeder.  But you can offer chopped apples or pears and orange halves on your platform feeder.  Or try orange or berry flavored suet in your suet feeder.  Orioles may also sip from hummingbird feeders, if you remove the bee guards so they can insert their beaks in to reach the nectar.  A specialized oriole feeder allows them better access to the nectar.  See our Resource Center for a free oriole nectar recipe.  

The special garden bird feeders that are designed to hold fruits and jelly can be used throughout the entire season since later in the season the jelly can be replaced with meal worms.

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