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Attract the widest variety of bird with Platform Feeders

If you want to feed birds an excellent method for attracting a wide variety of species to your yard is with a platform bird feeder.   A platform bird feeder is perfect for the beginning birder because of its versatility.  By experimenting with the different bird feed and different feeder placements you will be able to discover your favorite bird!

A platform bird feeder can be hung, pole-mounted, or placed on the ground.  A platform bird feeder can be used with any type of bird feed.  By offering the right foods and conditions you can attract many different birds to add an array of color and motion to your backyard bird habitat. When you and your family feed birds from a platform bird feeder you will be spending more time enjoying your feathered friends and less time caring for the feeder.

A platform bird feeder has more “elbow room” for your birds allowing them to feed comfortably and freely in your backyard bird habitat season after season. The more you feed birds the more colorful and alive your backyard will become.  Whether you want to feed birds of a large size or small size a platform bird feeder is the way to attract large numbers of birds.