Champion Squirrel-Blocker Platform Feeder

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Champion Squirrel-Blocker Platform Feeder
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This beautiful all metal bird feeder is squirrel proof and chew proof—impervious to squirrel damage!
Spread a layer of black oil sunflower seed in the bottom tray, and then secure the grids over the top. The two grid system creates a permanent barrier between squirrels and your seed. Squirrels can't maneuver their paws through the grids to pull out even a single seed.
The Champion Platform Bird Feeder has a broad feeding surface that entices birds of all sizes. Even finicky cardinals love this bird feeder! Hang or pole mount on a 1 inch pole. No special pole adapter is required. The bottom tray is screened to provide drainage and to keep seed aerated and dry.
Holds 1 lb. of black oil sunflower seed. Black oil sunflower seed works best because it stays under both grids where squirrels can’t reach. Bottom tray measures 12 x 14-1/2 x 1-1/2 inches, roof is 16 x 13-3/4 inches. You and your family will enjoy this feeder for years to come with its 5-Year Guarantee.
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