The Jagunda

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The Jagunda
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The Jagunda Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder by Droll Yankee gives you quality, design, versatility, and ease of use. The six quart capacity of this hopper feeder features a unique squirrel proof design. The 18.5" clear polycarbonate feeder tray doubles as a pole-mounted squirrel baffle to prevent squirrels from reaching the seed. The internal baffle design ensures that the feeder empties completely from the eight feeder ports to prevent seed from collecting and spoiling. The 15" feeder cover shelters birds while protecting seed from the weather. Drainage holes in the tray prevent water from collecting, and the included fastener fits on top of the weather dome, preventing it from flying off in high winds. Cleaning and filling the Jagunda Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is a breeze. Simply loosen and lift the weather doom for quick and easy access. The Jagunda mounts easily on the included 5.5' black steel pole. Use the included 17.5" long pole auger to keep your pole mounted securely in the ground. A 3/4" Threaded Pole Adapter is also included for mounting a tube bird feeder on the top of the pole in addition to the Jagunda. Made in the USA. Droll Yankee Lifetime Guarantee.
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