Triple Tube 2 in 1

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Triple Tube 2 in 1
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You will spend less time filling this bird feeder and more time enjoying a wide variety of birds in your backyard bird habitat with this triple tube feeder. It has a huge, 11lb plus capacity and is perfect for all types of seeds. The Triple Tube bird feeder allows you to feed three types of seeds at once. And with a total of nine feeding ports you are sure to attract more birds to your backyard bird habitat. Or with the exclusive, patent pending 2 feeders in 1 technology you can easily switch this tube feeder from sunflower/mixed seed to thistle (nyjer) seed/finch mix in seconds by simply turning the feeder port. The Squirrel baffle and tubes are clear with beautiful metal accent rings. Dimensions: 21.2" x 13.19" x 13.19"
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Features Benefits
Squirrel baffle dome top Keeps the squirrels out.
Includes seed tray Less seed on the ground means more for your birds.
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