All Weather Feeder - 4 Qt

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All Weather Feeder - 4 Qt
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The Songbird Essentials All Weather 4 Quart Clear Feeder is the first weatherproof bird feeder. With its unique design even through rain, snow, sleet and ice, the All Weather Feeder delivers the seed - DRY!! This bird feeder won't clog up with snow and ice a great benefit if you hate the mess of cleaning out the troughs and seed ports of other bird feeders. And the birds benefit from a constant supply of clean dry seed. No more wet, moldy or spoiled seed. A clean feeder helps keep the bird population healthy.

Birds feed from the lower platform by reaching up into a protected slots for the seed. Its circular perch lets you see all the birds that are feeding, even those on the far side.

The All Weather 4 Quart Clear Bird Feeder is easy to fill and catches spilled seed for less waste. The bird feeder comes completely apart so each piece can be individually cleaned. The bird feeder is made from durable UV-stabilized polycarbonate to give you years of enjoyment.
17” tall x 10.5” deep x 12” wide
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