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All types of recycled plastic bird feeders.

You can't get any more "green" than this; imagine a recycled plastic bird feeder!  Just like most birders we are concerned about the environment so we love these wild bird feeders. 

Did you know two billion pounds of plastic are collected each year for recycling? Recycled plastic bird feeders manufactured from recycled milk jugs, plastic soda and water bottles are environmentally safe and a great way to enjoy the birds in your own bird habitat.  Using products made from recycled plastic helps prevent deforestation too.  The birds in your backyard bird habitat benefit and the rest of the planet benefits.   How awesome is that!

Recycled plastic bird feeders are UV stable, stain resistant, impervious to insects, and easy to clean.  Simply scrub down the feeders with a bleach solution and allow them to dry before replacing in your garden.  Keeping your bird feeders clean is the most important step to help prevent the spread of disease among the bird population in your backyard bird habitat.

Recycled plastic bird feeders do not weather like traditional wood bird feeders they are resistant to splintering, chipping, rotting, and discoloring.  A wild bird feeder constructed of recycled plastic will have uniformity in texture and color unlike a wooden bird feeder, and you will be able to save a tree, keep plastics out of landfills, and feed your favorite bird!

Recycled plastic bird feeders can be mounted on a pole, suspended or hanging bird feeders, or if you have a large enough feeding area the bird feeder can be placed on the ground.  Using different seeds will attract the widest variety of birds to your backyard bird habitat.  These different options will help you maximize your enjoyment of the your backyard bird habitat, since the various heights and seeds will attract the most variety of birds.

Recycled plastic bird feeders come in many styles to compliment any garden from a bluebird feeder to an oriole bird feeder and many more.

A wild bird feeder constructed of recycled plastic are environmentally safe and a great way to enjoy the birds in your garden.