Suet and Peanut Bird Feeders

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Peanut and bird suet feeders

What ever type of bird woodpecker, house finch, goldfinch, cowbird, cardinal, junco, evening grosbeak, chickadee, blue jay, nuthatch, titmice, northern (Baltimore) oriole, European starling, eastern bluebird, or brown thrasher they will be attracted to your back yard bird habitat when you use the right garden bird feeders.  Wild birds seem to prefer homemade suet to store bought, see our Resource Center for some free recipes. 

Peanuts and bird suet are popular foods for feeding the winter bird, because they provide a lot of nutrition and fat the winter bird needs to maintain body heat.  These garden bird feeders can be hung on limbs, Shepard hooks or deck hangers instantly creating color and motion in your back yard bird habitat.

Unsalted shelled peanuts are placed in the garden bird feeders so that the birds chip out the feed. Some will eat the nuts whole while others will fly to a nearby perch and chip away at the nut. 
Bird suet is typically fed in specially designed wire or mesh caged garden bird feeders so birds can cling to the cage and peck at the suet block.