Tube Bird Feeders

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Tube Bird Feeders

Place your tube bird feeders so birds can eat and you can enjoy watching them.  Tube bird feeders are always hung and are designed for thistle or nyjer seed which attracts woodland birds like chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, and nuthatches, as well as goldfinches, siskins, and house finches.  Make sure your tube bird feeders are located so you and your family can enjoy watching their colorful fast-paced antics.  Attract a wider variety of beautiful songbirds to your backyard bird habitat—and keep them coming back by using mixed seed or black-oil sunflower seed in your tube bird feeder.
Tube bird feeders are long cylinders with small perches at the feeding ports, finches and other small wild birds are attracted to them because they can perch comfortably on the short perches.   Tube bird feeders will discourage the larger birds because they are too big for the perches.  Our metal wire “caged” tube bird feeders will also keep the squirrels away.
Most birds find food by sight so place your tube bird feeders where birds can easily see them and position your tube bird feeders close to the shelter of trees and shrubs so birds have a refuge while they wait their turn.