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bird window feeders

For your family a bird window feeder is the best way to view your feathered friends up close and personal.   Your bird window feeder can be placed in any room of the house for an incredibly intimate bird watching opportunity, no more missing the action at the feeder.  A bird window feeder is great for teaching kids about birds or for anyone wishing to enjoy their backyard birds up close.  Your family will delight watching birds feed and play just inches away.   Bird window feeders are perfect any time but they are especially nice during bad weather because even then you can almost bring the birds right into your home.
Some bird window feeders are attached to the glass with suctions cups and some are installed in the window opening. 
Bird window feeders are easy to fill, clean and care for.  Some can be filled from indoors if the window can be opened.

A variety of bird food can be used; seed, syrup, fruit and suet.

A bird window feeder will prevent window strikes as birds are focusing on the bird food and not the reflection in the window.

Bird window feeders provide some protection from predators that may be too wary to venture so close to a human’s home.